An Open & Affirming Congregation

After worship this morning we gathered downstairs to share a meal and have a congregational business meeting. After several months of conversations the Lacey Community Church affirmed a statement of inclusion and welcome and have become an Open and Affirming congregation. There have been many wonderful conversations along the process and I am grateful for the grace and love practiced as we engaging in living our faith in such a meaningful way. Today is indeed a wonderful day.

“As a Christian community,  we are called to love our neighbor as Jesus loved us,
and are called by Christ to be inclusive, caring and peace minded.

We welcome all persons into our faith community regardless of
previous religious affiliation, mode of baptism, gender or gender-identity, race,
ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, economic circumstance,
mental or physical ability, family configuration or faith journey.”

2 Responses to “An Open & Affirming Congregation”
  1. Jim Yatman says:

    I am very pleased Lacey Community Church has made this statement.

  2. Carol Wise says:

    Wonderful news, wonderful day!

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